Today's episode is all about how to build a tiny house that's safe for your body and for the environment. 

In This Episode:

  • What makes a house healthy?
  • What are VOC’s and why should you care?
  • Is spray foam considered healthy?
  • What are the safety considerations needed while working with ‘healthy’ materials?
  • What is the R-Value of Sheep’s Wool Insulation?
  • Are sheet goods like plywood and OSB healthy?
  • Why Isabelle advocates for vapor-open wall systems?
  • How to deal with thermal bridging from your trailer?
  • Tips for skirting your trailer in the winter
  • Recommendations for healthy finishes like paints and stains
  • What can people do to their houses after the fact to make it more healthy?
  • What are some considerations for kitchen ventilation?

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