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Iana Sundari Malcolm is an inspiring guest who has been living and traveling in a Skoolie with her husband John since 2019. All the while she has been documenting her travels and experiences with racism across the country on her blog. I asked Iana to come on the show to tell us about these experiences and to learn how we can all do better to make tiny house living safe for black people and people of color.

In This Episode:

  • From plans to move to Italy to a houseboat to a skoolie: Iana and John's journey
  • Some of the modifications that sets Eula Mae apart from other skoolies
  • How their bus and their dog both got their names
  • Living in a “social distancing mobile” made living through a pandemic a little easier
  • Dealing with racism during traveling
  • How can you protest without joining a big crowd?
  • What can people do to be more inclusive?

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Guest Bio:

Iana Sundari Malcom

Iana Sundari Malcom


At 27 Iana lost her mother to Breast Cancer and at 31 years old, her father to Brain Cancer. After their death, and her years as their Caregiver, Iana decided to leave a successful career in Public Relations and follow her passion for all things Wellness.

She has since traveled the world teaching Hatha Yoga, Yoga for the Special Child, Prenatal Yoga, Post Labor Yoga, Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for Grief, Yoga Nidra and Meditation. She is an ERYT-500 level teacher and a Yoga Teacher Trainer.

Outside of Yoga, Iana is a birth and death Doula who believes that the transitions of life deserve humor, unwavering support, and grace. Iana works as a Community Manager for The Dinner Party, a non-profit organization dedicated to those in their 20’s and 30’s who have suffered significant loss. She is the founder of Bliss Out Retreats, a company that creates immersive ultra inclusive getaways throughout the world.

Currently, Iana, John, and their dog Ana-Mae are traveling around the United States and Canada, in a converted School Bus named Eula Mae, learning all they can about this country, the people, and now how RACE relations are playing out state by state.





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More Photos:


John in the driver's seat

Removing the seats also removed a lot of weight


The bus before they started remodeling


Iana and John raised the roof 14 inches


They had to use a crane to get the roof raised



Mapping out the floor

The raised floor will allow the Malcolms to sink a bathtub in their bathroom and houses water storage!




Ana-Mae gets her own room

A recent picture of Eula Mae

Kitchen storage


A drawer that is also a cutting board




Storage by the fridge


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