Today’s show is all about learning how to live the #vanlife from downsizing your stuff to converting your van.

Jayme and John Serbell built their beloved van, named Gnomie with the idea of doing “one last” adventure before settling down. But as soon as they hit the road, it was clear that they were in love with Vanlife and quickly saw it as not just a temporary way of living.

In this conversation, we’ll learn how Jayme and John look at the nomadic lifestyle and how they determine where to travel. In addition, Jayme and John have put together an amazing free resource to help other aspiring van dwellers build out their rigs.

In this episode:

  • how do you define a nomadic lifestyle?
  • how do you decide how long to stay somewhere and where to go next?
  • Why choose a van over a THOW or a Skoolie?
  • How Jayme and John converted their van for under $7k
  • What would you change about your van build?
  • How to find a van in good condition for cheap?
  • Why you should avoid vans that have been used as work vehicles
  • Can you live the van life in the winter?
  • How do you earn income on the road?
  • Why you need to find up to date information on van conversions.

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