Today’s show is all about learning how to downsize and organize any size space.

Felice Cohen became famous when a video of her 90 square foot Manhattan apartment went viral on YouTube. Despite suffering a panic attack on her first night in the loft, Felice quickly found that living small had massive benefits. But you have to know the answer to the question: “what is you’re why”? 

I really like this episode because we talk not just about the outer game, like the tips and techniques, but we also talk about inner game: how to get past the criticism that you may face from others when deciding to downsize.

Can you get rid of 5 things today?

In addition to hearing the story of how Felice wound up in 90sf, I’ll ask her about the work of a professional organizer: What do they actually do, and what lessons and techniques can we apply from the pros?

Felice has a lot of great tips for how to start downsizing. In this episode, Felice shares her top 5 tips that could help you get rid of 35 things THIS week.

How to deal with the haters:

We’ve all faced skepticism from family and friends when we tell them about our tiny dreams. This was certainly true for Felice in 2007, before tiny houses were really “a thing”. But now that her famous apartment video has over 20 million views, I ask Felice how to deal with all the negativity that shows up in the comment section and in person at festivals around the country.

I’m not telling anybody to live tiny. All I’m saying is how great it was for me and how it changed my life and gave me so many opportunities” – Felice Cohen (click to tweet)

In this episode:

  • Felice’s story of downsizing into a 90sf. Loft apartment in Manhattan
  • What does a professional organizer do?
  • Why you should NOT buy any more storage solutions if you’re hoping to get organized
  • What are Felice’s top 5 tips to start downsizing today?
  • How to deal with the haters. AKA, how to deal with people who feel threatened by your tiny house dreams

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