Today's episode is all about learning how to convert a school bus into a tiny home, figuring out if buslife is right for you, and avoiding the common mistakes of school bus conversions.

When I went to the Georgia Tiny House Festival in the spring of 2017, I was blown away by all the school bus conversions, or skoolies as they’re known. But there was one bus that really impressed me with its beautiful yet simple aesthetics and thoughtful owner, Michael Fuehrer of Navigation Nowhere. Since finishing his bus, Michael has been living on the road and helping out on many other school builds along the way. I asked him on the show to give us a primer on skoolie life, from deciding whether it’s right for you, to choosing the right bus, and avoiding common conversion mistakes.

School bus tiny homes present some unique challenges and Michael has his share of experience. Michael shares so many amazing tips on bus building from insulating properly, to mechanical considerations.

In this episode:

  • Why Michael stays involved with new bus builds across the country
  • Is a Skoolie right for you?
  • How to go from an empty metal school bus to a beautiful completed tiny house?
  • How to learn the metalworking skills required for a school bus conversion
  • How to avoid the common school-bus conversion mistakes 
  • What kind of mechanical maintenance do school busses require?
  • Is it difficult to find mechanics that work on busses?
  • How to define your lifestyle needs before you build your school bus
  • What to look for in a used school bus
  • What is the range in cost for a school bus conversion?
  • Where to find good used school busses?
  • What resources exist to help people learn the process of converting a bus?

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