Abby has cracked the code for creating tiny house communities. And the model that she’s come up with is really brilliant. It combines nightly rentals with full time residents. She even allows people to build a tiny house and then have It rented, managed and maintained at tiny estates.

Even if you’re never planning on starting a tiny house community of your own, I think you should listen to Abby’s strategy for approaching zoning to make tiny houses a win-win for her and her town.

You'll Learn:

  • How did Abby go from building one tiny house to purchasing land and building the words largest solely tiny house on wheels community?
  • How Abby navigated the complicated world of Zoning to get Tiny Estates approved
  • Abby's amazing tips for how to ensure your tiny house project gets approved
  • What is the business model for Tiny Estates?
  • How Abby plans to meet the demand for tiny house parking
  • How to deal with resistance to tiny houses in your community
  • Abby's advice for starting your own tiny house community
  • What kind of infrastructure do you need for a tiny house community
  • Asking permission vs. begging forgiveness

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Links and Resources:

Abby Hobson Online: | instagram @tiny_estates | facebook @tinyestates

More Photos:

There are SO many homes at Tiny Estates that it's hard to feature them all. But here are some of my favorites!


The Rumspringa:



The Chairman



The Sunset Farmhouse


The Urban Loft


The Grackle


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