Yep, you heard me. I met with my Architectural Designer, Milford Cushman(and team!) yesterday where they presented the drawings they've been working on based on our prior meetings.

The plans are looking gorgeous! I will do a more reflective post about the design process soon, but I wanted to share some screen captures.
Some items to note:
  • We opted for no “jet” on the rear of the house. The jet would basically be a fake roof line, carried over from the front of the house to the back. While a jet looks cuter, it is less expensive to not build it, and it allows me to put a larger window in the back of the house. I'm all for larger windows.
  • I have a decision to make with the window grilling pattern. I can use a mix of 4 light and 6 light windows that match (in terms of grilling size), or I can use all 4 light windows which match in terms of pattern, but not size. I'm leaning towards the 4 light design. What do you think?