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On today’s show, we will be exploring the possibility of heating your tiny house with compost. Not long ago, I came across a book called The Compost-Powered Water Heater. It's only about 140 pages and I read it in one sitting. Author Gaelan Brown details the experimentation and the work that has been done in harvesting the heat from a compost pile and using that to heat a greenhouse, barn, or even a hot tub. I was surprised to find out that the author also lives in a tiny house, built on the back of a flatbed truck, named the Dodge Lodge.

In This Episode:

  • Who was Jean Pain and what were his important contributions?
  • How the Agrilab approach differs from traditional composting
  • The uses for the heat harvested from compost
  • The financial and environmental impacts of using heat from compost.
  • Using compost for heat in your own backyard
  • An overview of the science involved in composting
  • Gaelan’s tiny houses: The Dodge Lodge and Steady Betty

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Gaelan Brown

Gaelan Brown

Gaelan is a Jack of all Trades Slave To None and author of The Compost-Powered Water Heater book. 

He lives with his wife and son in a tiny house he built on the back of a big old flatbed truck and an old Airstream trailer in the sleepy hot springs town of Truth or Consequences New Mexico.

Originally from Vermont, he has travelled and lived in many places across N. and S. America, Europe and the Caribbean. In the past he was VP of Sales and Marketing for Agrilab Technologies, the world's leading engineering firm for compost heat recovery systems and he previously held several senior management roles with companies like groSolar, 1% for the Planet and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

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