Well, I took the leap a few nights ago and purchased plans for the Fencl from Tumbleweed Houses.  Overall, I’m really happy with the decision to go with Tumbleweed and the Fencl.  Here are my initial impressions:

  • It’s funny how the first page of the plans shows the exterior of the house completed. To find step one in the building process, you literally go to the last page of the plans.
  • The level of detail is great: I’m a novice to construction but I feel confident that I’ll be able to follow the plans without much confusion.
  • The spec sheet for the plans is pretty detailed- especially when it comes to what lumber and windows you need. I find it’s a little bit lacking when it comes to recommendations for certain appliances: the plan says specifically what fridge to buy, but nothing about a water system (pump, tank, water heater, etc).

Even though I’m not starting construction until June, I wanted to buy the plans nice and early. Now I can spend the winter scouring craigslist for used materials. One comment on Our Wee House by Leann really sums it up for me:

If you have the time and space to collect materials before you build you can definitely go under tumbleweeds suggested amounts. I am building one now and so far I am well under 20,000. The key is to be flexible. For example my windows are all different sizes. I was worried at first but other actually adds cool character and makes each space feel separate from the others. I could have spent 8,000 on all new matching windows but for 2 sky lights and 6 windows and a great full light door I have spent close to 1000 by looking on Craigslist and garage sales.

I’m especially hoping to find a used trailer, and used windows. These are some of the most expensive components of the tiny house, and I could save thousands by finding them used. That’s all for now!