Today's episode is all about the quest to explore alternative lifestyles, and where it's taken my guests, Danielle and Mat. 

Mat & Danielle is the couple behind the Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel. They’re interested in sharing videos about how and why more and more people (including themselves) are choosing to live in vans, tiny houses, and green buildings. They sold their house and their stuff back in 2012 and have been been exploring ever since.

In This Episode:

  • How Danielle & Mat have created their ideal lifestyle with a combination of van life, travel, and house sitting
  • What convinced Danielle & Mat to sell their house and their stuff and make the transition to van life?
  • What are Danielle & Mat’s favorite tiny houses that they’ve toured?
  • What are the drivers behind making the tiny house movement so popular?
  • Why Danielle & Mat decided to sell their first van and build a new one
  • Why converting a van isn’t as easy as it looks
  • How Danielle & Mat heat their van
  • What is the current state of tiny house legalization in Canada 🇨🇦

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Danielle & Mat

Danielle & Mat

Exploring Alternatives

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