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Lindsay and her husband Eric were not expecting to build their tiny home themselves. In fact, they hired a builder expecting the house to be finished for them. Part way through the build, their builder went out of business and they were left with the shell of a 33-foot Gooseneck tiny house on wheels. In this episode, we'll learn what happened from there, Lindsay's tips for working with builders to make sure you don't end up in the same situation that she did, and what Experience Tiny Homes is doing to spread the love for the tiny house movement.

In This Episode:

  • Tips for working with a builder
  • What does a custom luxury tiny house cost?
  • Things to consider while planning to travel in your tiny homes.
  • RVIA Certification issues and the Pacific West Certification
  • The benefits of the Coast to Coast network and the realities of boondocking.
  • Trailer, tire, and tow vehicle specifications you need to know
  • How Experience Tiny Homes helps people go from dreamers to dwellers
  • Tiny House tour etiquette

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How to Hire a Tiny Home Builder

Posted by Lindsay Wood on Saturday, June 22, 2019




Guest Bio:


Lindsay Wood

Lindsay Wood

Lindsay and Eric Wood with Experience Tiny Homes have been living and traveling across the Southwest US in their 33′ Tiny Home on wheels since March 1, 2019. ​Their mission is to inspire and welcome people into the Tiny Home lifestyle through unique Tiny Home experiences. These experiences include: Tiny Home Tours, Foodie events, Movie night, dance parties.


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