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Ever since reading the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I’ve wanted to talk to a KonMari expert. I’m excited to bring you this conversation with Erin Mursch, where we’ll learn what makes Marie Kondo’s technique different, how to apply it to downsizing for a tiny house, and why organizing to “fit more stuff” isn’t the answer.

In This Episode:

  • What makes it hard to let things go? How does Erin help?
  • How did Erin start helping people organize?
  • It's easier to accumulate than it is to let go and more storage isn't a solution
  • Is the method of organization important?
  • Decluttering does not equal minimalism
  • Explanation of the concept of ‘sparking joy'
  • Commonly challenging categories
  • Ideas for systems to stay uncluttered
  • Storage tips from the expert
  • The things that are difficult to store in a tiny house and what to do with them

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Guest Bio:

Erin Mursch

Erin Mursch

Erin Mursch is a Certified Master KonMari Consultant and founder of Organized for Good in Austin, Texas. Since 2016 Erin has worked one-on-one with clients to declutter and reorganize their space and reset their life by letting go of what is no longer serving them. She is driven to reduce mindless consumerism and help her clients live more meaningful lives with less stuff, while ensuring that discarded items are donated and recycled within the local community so that useful resources are not wasted. Erin also organizes local clothing swaps and offers workshops to teach others how to tidy up.




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Clothing swaps are a great way to keep your wardrobe fresh



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