I've been wanting to introduce you to the FIRE movement for quite a long time, and I finally found the guest to do it! If you haven't heard of it, FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. It's a movement dedicated to extreme savings and investment and it allows people to retire far earlier than traditional budgets and retirement plans allow. My guest, Diania Merriam, is both a participant in the movement and is also in the process of organizing a conference to share these ideas. FIRE is very applicable to the tiny house movement and Diania is here to tell us all about it!


In This Episode:

  • The idea of the FIRE movement and how it differs from traditional attitudes toward money.
  • Things people can do now to start saving money
  • Cooking your own food is about more than just saving money
  • How the FIRE movement helps you meet your needs in an efficient way
  • The ways that the tiny house movement and FIRE movements compliment each other        
  • Why do these movements provoke negative reactions from others?
  • Is the FIRE movement doable for everyone?
  • What is involved in extreme frugality?
  • The EconoMe Conference

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Guest Bio:


Diania Merriam

Diania Merriam

In 2015, Diania Merriam discovered the Mr. Money Mustache blog which is written by a man who retired at 30 years old.  Reading it was like a refreshing punch in the face. At the time, she was living in NYC and $30k in debt. She got out of out that debt in 11 months and started saving about 60% of her income. This newfound grip on her finances gave her a huge boost of confidence to pursue goals that felt previously out of reach. In 2017, she moved to Cincinnati after negotiating a remote working arrangement with her employer.  She then took a 2 month unpaid sabbatical to walk the Camino de Santiago (a 500 mile trek across northern Spain). She also bought a house, adopted a dog, and found herself a Midwestern gentleman. She will be financially independent by the time she is 40. Diania is launching a conference for an audience of 700 people at the University of Cincinnati called EconoMe. EconoMe speakers will guide us on a journey of questioning our assumptions surrounding happiness, freedom and prosperity through the lens of personal finance.

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