Today's episode is all about Derek and Hanna's off-grid paradise in the desert, including solar, 14,000 gallons of water harvesting capacity, grey water recycling, and more.

When I first reached out to Derek about this interview, he wrote back, “frankly at this point I'm pretty sick of the tiny house, so I'm not sure I'd be the best guest talking about it.”

But that's when I knew I had to have him on the show! We started off by talking about what isn't working about tiny living for Derek and Hannah, and what they're going to do to address it. From there, we moved on to talk about Derek and Hanna's off grid paradise, which is an amazing accomplishment on its own. Even more amazing, the couple has documented all of their amazing building projects on Derek's youtube channel. 

In This Episode:

  • Why is Derek sick of tiny house living?
  • How Derek is using a tiny house as a stepping stone to a larger house
  • What other projects has Derek undertaken to prepare his land for off-grid living in Arizona?
  • Why Derek uses batteries from an electric car to power his tiny house
  • Why Derek chose Cochise County, Arizona
  • The downsides of having a strong tiny house social media presence 
  • Derek’s grey water and toilet setup
  • Composting in the desert
  • Why Derek built on wheels even though he bought permanent land in the desert?
  • How to make tiny living last for as long as possible in your life?
  • Derek’s love for the Instant Pot
  • Derek’s tiny house kitchen appliance lineup (it’s extensive!)
  • How do Derek and Hannah get internet in their tiny house?
  • What is Derek’s advice for tiny house hopefuls?

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Derek Handeeman Howlett

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