Are you ready to create the Tiny House of your dreams?

Hi. I’m Ethan. 

Seven years ago, when I built my Tiny House, there were almost no resources available.

I had to figure out things like plumbing, insulation, and where to park, all on my own. There  wasn’t much information at the time, and I questioned every decision, wondering if I was making the right choice.

And it wasn’t just about how to build.

I also had to figure out what Living Tiny meant, too.

We purchased your Tiny House Parking and Tiny House Decisions a few months into our build, at which point we had already come to many of the necessary decisions you covered. Needless to say planning was not our strongest suit!I just wanted to reach out and thank you for putting so many resources out in the world for current and future tiny-housers and alternative dwellers. The wide variety of the people you’ve interviewed on the podcast and vast pool of useful information is much appreciated, and it’s allowed me to find and follow so many people I might’ve never come across on my own. 

Sophie Ristau Jungbauer

These days, there’s so much information out there, it’s completely overwhelming. There are dozens of builders and blueprints to choose from, and even more materials, tools and supplies to sort through. Decision fatigue is real, and at some point, you’re going to wonder if you’ve made the right choice.

I know that you’ve been thinking about living tiny for a long time.

You’ve been planning and daydreaming your tiny new house and your tiny new life.

You're ready to take the next step.

Working with me is easy. You can pick a one-off session or a block of hours, schedule a call, and then we’re ready to roll. (Possibly literally?)

Regardless of where you’re at, I want you to feel completely confident about your decisions. And the advice I’m offering you is based on my own experience and years of research into best practices.

I'm still in the decision making part of my tiny house, thanks to your guide I decided to wait until I can afford the new trailer instead of a used one. I didn't even think about how I'm going to heat my house in the winter! I feel so much more prepared than I did before and I think the building process is going to go so much smoother!

Kayla Atwood

Things we can work on:

  • How to save time on your build
  • How to save money on your build
  • The best appliances for your tiny house
  • Answers to the BIG questions– wheels or not, DIY vs professional build, etc. 
  • Answers for your systems questions–heating, insulation, plumbing, etc. 
  • Answers or next steps to your specific questions

If you’re like most of the people I know, you’ve spent a long time figuring out what all of this is supposed to feel like. 

It’s not just a house. It’s a whole way of life.

And my guess is, you’re planning on living in your new house for years, possibly forever. 

Let’s make sure you get it right.

Instance 1

Planning Phase

Quick answers to quick questions



  • 30 minute Zoom or phone call
  • Call recording
  • Follow up emails


Design Phase

When you need a little hand-holding


  • 60 minute Zoom or phone call
  • Call recording
  • Follow up emails
Build Phase

All the support you need



  • 4 hours of Zoom or phone calls
  • Call recordings
  • Follow up emails

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