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Lil Wing is a metal triangle on wheels with a putting green grass landing, and it was the most unique tiny house I saw at last year’s Big Mass Festival. The builder, Chris Schapdick of Tiny Industrial, specializes in smaller tiny homes that are easy to tow. In addition, he is the author of two books about tiny house living. In this conversation, we’ll cover the ins and outs of building towable tiny houses, why Chris decided to share his process on Instructables, and what we can look forward to in his upcoming book release.

In This Episode:

  • From NYC suburbia to living tiny in upstate New York: Chris’s tiny house journey
  • How Chris started building other tiny houses
  • The challenge of sealing plywood
  • Tiny House Industrial has offerings for every budget level
  • Lil Wing design inspiration
  • Why are the smaller tiny houses so appealing?
  • The Oculus North tiny house
  • Why Chris wrote The Joy of Tiny House Living

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Chris Schapdick

Chris Schapdick

Chris is an author, maker, coach and tiny house builder (www.tinyindustrial.com) and likes helping others forge their own path. Chris used to lead a 9-5 office life which he grew ever more tired of. Curiosity and a willingness to take risks have made this new path infinitely more rewarding since he gets to help people who are struggling to find more meaning and purpose in their lives. Putting his experiences together in book form has been a way to reach more people to help them as well.


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