Yesterday I headed out to Hyde Park, VT to take a look at Milford Cushman‘s garage.


At our last meeting, Milford asked me what I want my tiny house to look like on the outside. Would it be loud and colorful? A painted lady? Subdued?

After reflecting on this, I've decided that I want my tiny house to blend into the environment, rather than stand out. This whole project has a sort of deviant, under-the-radar vibe: The house doesn't meet code. The house is illegal in some places due to its square footage. I don't have to pay property taxes on the house (depending on where I park it).

So I think the exterior finish has to match the vibe. It should be understated. Almost camouflage. I'm using all local materials. The wood on the siding will be the same as the wood in the trees surrounding the house.

That said, the house doesn't have to be dull.

I think I've figured out how I want the exterior of my tiny house to look like:

  • Rough Pine 12″ Shiplap Siding with transparent stain.
  • Smooth Pine trim with the same color stain.
  • Hemlock timbers with the same color stain.

siding detail

window trim

hemlock timber

It's amazing how different types of wood and different textures of the same wood look so different with the same color stain.  I think this color scheme will look especially nice with windows in dark green. It will be very cabin-like.

Your thoughts?