Have you ever felt frustrated that buying a tiny house from a builder costs anywhere from $50,000 and up? Introducing the truly affordable tiny house!

The average tiny house is 24 ft long, 10-11k lbs in weight, and 50-60k in price on average. Andrews goal is go cut that all in half. And so Core Housing Solutions was born. The goal? A truly affordable tiny house on wheels. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

In this conversation, I’ll ask Andrew to share the secrets of how he can possibly afford to build and sell a tiny house on wheels for $28,000 and what lessons YOU can apply to your own tiny house build. Andrew is an inspiring entrepreneur doing a lot of good for the tiny house movement.

In this episode:

  • What is it that makes tiny houses on wheels so expensive?
  • How is Andrew able to produce a $28,000 tiny house that is ready to move in to?
  • What are the benefits of Metal SIPs vs. Wood SIPs?
  • Andrew’s tips for building faster
  • How to level your tiny house
  • Andrew’s tips for how to  do wiring in a tiny house
  • Trekker Trailers gypsy wagons construction technique
  • Andrew shares a business opportunity with the world

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trekkertrailers.com | trekker trailers on facebook | core housing solutions on facebook

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