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This week, I’m speaking with Brent Heavener, founder of the @tinyhouse Instagram account, which has over 800,000 followers and is a source of visual tiny house inspiration. Brent was able to use his large Instagram following to land a book deal. Tiny House is a collection of images of beautiful tiny homes and was written up in the New York Times.

In This Episode:

  • Twitter and Instagram started as a passion project for a teenage Brent
  • About Brent's book: Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big
  • How creating something, like a book, can allow you to form new relationships
  • The tiny house movement is especially important for millennials
  • Beyond the house: living tiny is a lifestyle prepares you for and allows you to live freely
  • The Heavener Family's life-changing move to South America
  • Is it possible to live the tiny house lifestyle without living in a tiny house?
  • How to bring the tiny house community together via social media

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Guest Bio:

Brent Heavener

Brent Heavener

Brent grew up with a family who’s pretty creative, sovereign minded — & who are always trying to have an influence where they’re at. Brent believes it was this love for creativity & influence that has kept him within the tiny house movement for a number of years curating content, writing a book, and featuring incredible tiny house creatives. He now uses his influence to bring the community together.


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Tiny House Decisions Cover

Tiny House Decisions

Tiny House Decisions is the super helpful guidebook that I wrote 5 years ago to share all of the knowledge and decisions that I made to build my own tiny house, along with what I did right, what I did wrong, and how I would change things. The guidebook, now in its second edition, has been completely rewritten and expanded to reflect how tiny houses are being built today and it also includes several new tiny house stories from other tiny house dwellers. The guidebook has been expanded to include things like SIPs, metal framing, and different types of insulation, and I seriously think this is the most helpful thing you can buy if you are thinking about living in a tiny house. If you go through the guidebook from start to finish, you will have a solid plan for all the systems and everything else that’s going to go into your tiny house. The second edition has been a long time in the making and I’m really excited to share it with the world. 

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More Photos:

A 100-year-old boiler room in San Francisco, CA

Modern Cabin in the Woods

Beautiful tiny cottage in the woods


Floating Tiny House

196 sq ft Tiny Home built for $11k

The “XL Escape Traveler”


Photo by @tinyhousegiantjourney

200 square foot home built for $18k.

312 Sq Ft Tiny Home in Chattanooga, Tennessee


Built by Modern Tiny Living in Ohio

The interior of the @tumbleweedhouses “Cypress” model.



Skoolie interior

Nooga Blue Sky in Chattanooga, TN

Photo by @noahherrin


Render in Saxon Switzerland, Germany by @philipppablo

Sky lodge in Peru

Tiny home in Hawaii built for $11k by @kristiemaewolfe

Vintage farmhouse Roost 36 Tiny Home in North Carolina built by Perch and Nest


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