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Brenda Mason downsized from a 3,100 sf, 5 bedroom home to a 310 sf converted motor coach tiny home in just 31 days. Brenda is passionate about helping others downsize their own lives, and she recommends doing it quickly! In this conversation, Brenda shares her take and tips on downsizing, plus reflections on the emotional attachments we all have to our stuff.

I met Brenda at the Big Mass Tiny House Festival last year and immediately connected with her about her downsizing story and the way she spreads the message about the tiny house movement and downsizing in general. Brenda leads an online course, has a membership site, and has written a book all about downsizing – all because of how she downsized in just 31 days. In addition to discussing downsizing, Brenda will share reflections on why she chose to live in a motor coach, rather than convert a school bus or have a traditional tiny house on wheels.

In This Episode:

  • Why is letting go of our things so difficult?
  • Brenda’s methodology and system for downsizing.
  • Why did she downsize a whole house in only 31 days and what helped her achieve this?
  • How do we accumulate so many things?
  • Where to start when you begin to shed extra possessions and how to handle “heartstring” items.
  • Holding onto things can hold you back
  • The thinking that lead to the motor home, rather than a THOW or Skoolie
  • Brenda’s course on downsizing and the support that comes along with it
  • The benefits of having an aggressive timeline when you downsize
  • You are not what you own

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Brenda Mason

Brenda Mason

Brenda Mason is a Tiny House speaker, author and downsizing consultant. Her tiny living transformation started in 2015 when she was heading into the “empty~nest” phase of life with a realization that her ‘nest’ was overflowing with 50 years of accumulated stuff. She downsized from a stuffed 3100 s.f. 5 bedroom home to a 310 s.f. converted motor coach tiny home 31 days.



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