Today's episode is all about what it takes to develop a legal, affordable tiny house community.

I asked Bob on the show because I've heard a lot of buzz about Escalante Village, which is a riverfront tiny house community in Durango, Colorado. What really struck me about Escalante village is the mix of a fantastic location close to the downtown of a desirable city, the affordable rental rate, and a mix of pre-built tiny houses that are available for rent and empty spaces with all the hookups where people can bring their own tiny houses.

Bob shares his vision for the community, as well as the challenges that he faced in going through the regulatory process. Things that we will all need to go through as we work to legalize tiny houses or develop a tiny house community.

In This Episode:

  • Why did Bob decide to build a tiny house community in the first place?
  • What makes Escalante Village unique?
  • Why are RV’s and Mobile Homes not allowed?
  • Is a tiny house community a good business opportunity?
  • What are the regulatory challenges involved with developing a tiny house community?
  • What infrastructure does Escalante Village offer to its inhabitants?
  • What you get for the $500/month rent at Escalante Village
  • Are composting toilets allowed in the village?
  • What advice does Bob have for others who want to develop tiny house communities?

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