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Baylie Carlson made a splash in the tiny house movement with her tiny house home birth story. She has lived in both a moveable tiny house, a luxury skoolie, and has lots of insight to share when it comes to raising kids in small dwellings. Baylie is also involved in a really interesting YouTube competition called Outlast Homestead, where the winner gets the title to the land.

In This Episode:

  • Living tiny with littles – how Baylie knew it was time to go bigger
  • Skoolie or RV? Pros and cons of each
  • Selling tiny homes: was it worth it?
  • Tiny lessons translate to traditional houses
  • What they'll change for their next road trip
  • It's important to shift your energy to reflect your current focus
  • How your location affects your lifestyle
  • The Happiest (and one of the most welcoming) Place on Earth
  • What is the Outlast Homestead competition about?
  • Heat and water challenges during an Alaskan winter
  • Materials that we've been told won't work in THOWs

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Guest Bio:

Baylie Carlson

Baylie Carlson

After getting married on the family homestead, Baylie and Bjorn started their tiny adventure in a micro-tiny house in Alaska. They upgraded from 112 square feet to 204 square feet a year later when their third child was born. After four years when they had saved up enough money for a traditional home, they bought a school bus, turned it into a luxury skoolie, and traveled coast to coast looking for their forever home – finally choosing Fort Collins, Colorado. Now they are living their best life in their conventional home. Bailey owns an online shop, Baylie Blossom & Co, and is also working on Outlast Homestead with Job Melton, a homesteading YouTube competition where the winners get the land.


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More Photos:

The chickens are getting fed!

Outside of the Micro Tiny House

Beautiful plants outside their tiny house on wheels


The soaking tub inside of the skoolie

The skoolie in Colorado

The Carlson family


The skoolie in Moab

Tiny house garden

Inside the tiny house – complete with a climbing wall!

The tiny house in Washington


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