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Andrew Odom is one of the original online tiny housers who started sharing his building journey as it was happening all the way back in 2010. He inspired me while I was building my tiny house, both through his writing and also just by being a really friendly, approachable person who was there to help answer my questions. While Andrew doesn't live tiny anymore, there's a lot to learn from his story. Plus, he has stayed involved in the tiny house movement through organizing tiny house events and festivals and working as the managing editor of Tiny House Magazine.

In This Episode:

  • Anchor down vs settle down: be ready for your next adventure
  • Andrew built his tiny house before they were well-known and paid for it without going into debt.
  • The trailer seemed like a good deal, but let their story be a warning about used trailers
  • Tiny House Magazine's real stories from real people has produced 86 monthly publications!
  • Inspirational stories featured in Tiny House Magazine
  • Andrew's family moved from their tiny house to a small house, but their original tiny house is still standing!
  • Advice for people who plan on building their own tiny houses

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Guest Bio:

Andrew Odom

Andrew Odom

10 years ago Andrew Odom burst onto the modern tiny house movement not even knowing it was a scene. Truth be told, at that time it wasn't. But because of the efforts of he and countless others, it has become one and he has remained at the forefront for much of the last decade including his current involvement as the managing editor of Tiny House Magazine.


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QuickZip fitted sheets are 2 pieces, with a base that stays around the sides of the mattress and sheet that zips off and on for quick changes.They've engineered the base with corners that flex to fit your mattresses, and with continuous, wide elastic and generous overlap underneath to keep the sheet snug so it won't pop off.

And – you’ll even have room to keep an extra zip sheet on hand since they fold and store flat!

They also added a great duvet cover this year – one that you can actually change – even in tight spaces. It zips open wide so you can easily place the comforter inside, includes clips to hold your comforter in place and has slots on the side so you can reach in and adjust.

Learn more at – and save 15% with code: THLP15.

Learn more at – and save 15% with code: THLP15.


After a hard-day's work with Dad.

After sheathing the roof

A good-looking family

The ceilings are made of 85-year old reclaimed white pine.


The skylight is in!


Salad Bowl stain on the countertops

Roof work

Putting lights on the trailer with the boss

Getting weighed


Family photo in front of the finished tiny house!

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