Alex is a reuse expert who embodies the reuse lifestyle. In 2008, Eaves began what he calls “the reuse life;” avoiding disposables and finding reuse solutions for his needs and wants. He recently completed a ~100 square foot box truck made from nearly 100% reusable materials. You won't believe what it cost!

Working in the apparel industry got Alex interested in reuse after he saw a run of misprinted t-shirts get discarded. Frustrated by the wasted resources, time, and money, he decided to be a part of the solution. He acquired the misprinted t-shirts and sewed patches onto them for his brand, Stay Vocal. A business was born!

In this interview, Alex helps illuminate what the difference is between reuse and recycling. They are extremely different! For years, we've been hearing that if we are recycling, we are doing something great for the planet. But as Alex says, “recycling is really just a nicer way of throwing things away”. In fact, it is quite resource intensive.

I ask Alex how we can all foster a reuse mentality, plus ask him about his experiences converting a ~100 square foot retired U-Haul truck into a tiny house.

We also cover:

  • How do you live the reuse lifestyle when you don't have much space (like living in a tiny house)
  • How can someone who isn't living tiny start with reuse?
  • How do you find great used materials and products for a tiny house build?
  • What is next for the box truck and the box truck film?
  • How much did the box truck cost to build?
  • What are some of the unique challenges of converting a box truck to a tiny home?


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